Created for daily joggers everywhere

Help children to record the books they loved and build reading habit

Personal travel diaries for cities I've visited around the world

Reading Buddy

Diet for One

My Cities

Run Much?

Rise and shine, rinse and repeat! An alarm app for snooze button addicts

Rise and Shine

Search local restaurants based on the cuisines such as Korean, Chinese, Fast Food and more


Compute This

Our Local Store

Speak Global

Handy Science


Review Note

Quiz me Vocab

Daily English

Geometry 101


Number 1 Student

Easily save and edit the meals and activities throughout the day

Desktop PC custom build guide. Contains detailed guide for parts and tutorial for each custom build project

Contain product information and sales news collected from local grocery stores. Customer can purchase and request delivery directly from the app

P Energy

H engineering


My Cafeteria


H PowerTech

Choose language to learn essential phrases and practice basic conversation

For lab activity in science class write and share lab report. Ask questions, create or take quiz

ManTong makes communicating with anyone in any language easy by supporting intuitive translation tool for more than 40 different languages

Save and read study note for focused review on weak subjects and questions

English learning app for vocabulary practice using images and audio. User can take or create quiz 

Conversational English learning app with customized study plan for daily practice

Calculate area of different geometric shapes ask questions, take quiz and discuss with friends on the forum

Make a quick memo or write a daily journal. Organize your writing neatly

Designed by and for the employees to manage information regarding orders, partners, contracts and more

Buy meal, charge account, check out today's menu from your personal company cafeteria account 

Trade Insurance Corporation

Manage workflow essentials such as electronic approval, schedule management, mail and contacts

Information System

National Recreation Forest Management Office


Manage workflow, reserve meeting room, organize schedule, send mail, memo and more. Comprehensive smart office management app

Manage vehicles, deliveries, quality controls, inventory, notice all in smartphone

Safety management app for domestic and oversee construction projects. Using the app, the safety management rate has seen dramatic improvement

With GPS tracking system, manage vehicles, check delivery histories, and company news all in one app

Check real-time site information and access project information and company notice on the go

Manage student student profile, class information, grade, library service and more all in one app

Make reservation and pay online for national park facilities provided by national recreation forest management office

Apps for Every Occasions

Apps that Make You Smart

Apps for Smarter Business

Set study goal, track progress, save and review daily achievement to build and manage healthy study habit 

What Makes a Great App?

Coding NO!  Idea YES!!

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