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Create apps for Health, Beauty, Fashion, Interior design, Cooking, Religion, Personal Finance and more. Upgrade your lifestyle with smart technology.




Create Apps and Books with interactive learning contents such as animation, interactive contents. Make education even smarter

Create apps customized for your business to boost your productivity and profit. Improve Consultation, Report, Transaction, Analysis, and more. 

Create app products and monetize. Sell your app or digital book on the markets or generate Ad revenue.

Two hour tutorials. Creator for a lifetime

Build Once. Operate everywhere

Create app. Create opportunity

Anyone can complete an application in 2 hours. Watch free tutorials and start create your app today.

Build once then run your app on Android, iOS, and Windows for smartphones, tablets and  desktops.

Create personal app for private use or release your app to open markets such as Play Store or App Store for monetization.

Drag & Drop Design

Click Once Create All

Native App Technology

Make Smart Move Fast

All-in-One Development

Unleash creativity with code-free, drag & drop GUI tools

Automate development.

Leave the grind to AI and

focus on your ideas

Create app for any OS on any devices with cross-platform development

Maximize performance and security with native app technology

Escape from C, Java.

Reduce development cost

and accelerate production.

Design, Implement, Test from all in one place! Start creating with simple clicks

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Create App the Smart way

No Code App Making

What App will You Create?

Anyone familiar with Office program such as 

Word or Excel can easily create an app within hours.

Design and create functions with simple clicks

Complete your app automatically with AI engine.

From Office user to App creator

Anyone Can Create App with SmartMaker!

How to be a 'Smart' maker

From 2006 and Onward

Code-Free Cross-Platform SmartMaker

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