Launch Your Idea

with AI Engine

Innovative Software Powered by AI Engine

App Development Full Automation

Interactive Contents with Smart Technology

  • Automated app development with AI authoring engine
  • Automatic screen analysis and function implementations
  • Automatic Database design with AI engine
  • Automatic Database creation with AI engine
  • Complex conditions and business rules implementation using simple English sentences
  • Direct app installation to the device
  • Automatic app distribution to the custom server
  • Cross-Platform development supporting all OS and devices
  • Dynamic digital contents creation with Animation feature
  • Graphic User Interface powered by AI authoring engine
  • Natural language processing features including speech synthesis for more than 40 different languages

Drag & Drop Design

1-Click Creation

Push Message

AI Support

Advanced App Creation

Create apps without coding. What counts is your idea.

Design your app with intuitive drag & drop control.

Create cross-platform app for Android, iOS, Windows with a single click 

Design and create database automatically with AI engine

Create complex functions efficiently with automation 

The Smartest Way to Create App

Add animation, create interactive contents with ease

Send Push Message directly and engage user

Integrate AI technology such as speech

recognition and translation

Why SmartMaker?

With SmartMaker, anyone can create app layout and functions with simple clicks and produce complete app product automatically with AI engine.

From lifestyle app to business application, click and create. Make your idea come true the smart way.

Auto Create DB

Code-Free Development


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